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Patients Speak Their Mind

Dr.Neier treats her patients and their families with love and an authentic dedication to both their physical and emotional well being.  Her elite training and results as a doctor have earned her the respect of both her peers and the families she cares for.  I can all but promise that she will offer you the same level of love, dedication and expertise that she provided us.

Dana I.

From the moment you meet Dr. Michelle Neier, you know she genuinely wants to hear your story. Upon meeting her, she creates an environment of trust and comfort which allows the patient to feel they are truly being heard.  The combination of Dr. Neier's impressive medical training, listening ear and kind heart are exemplified in every aspect of her practice

Miriam H.

 As my daughter Grace was treated for cancer we met many doctors, all were professional, all were friendly but Dr Neier stood out from everyone. Her kindness and compassion, her genuine caring was felt every time we saw her. I truly felt like I was not only seeing my brilliant doctor but my good friend! She was there for us though a very difficult time and I can’t imagine what we would have done without her!

Terri C